Ability Cards And Subterra Bakugan

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terrorclawThe Subterra Bakugan is a truly powerful Bakugan, born in the depths of the earth and bred for strength and might. These Bakugan have very high G Power to crush their opponents. How you play your ability cards will determine whether you win or loose your next Subterra battle.

With your Red Ability Card there are good examples found in Julie and Rikimaro’s play. Julie’s Throw may not seem like the smartest move at first, but it is very likely that your opponent will have one Bakugan with very high G-Power, possibly even close to your Bakugan’s G-Power. Julie’s Throw helps you to avoid fighting that high-powered Bakugan making the match more in your favor. Rikimaro’s Surprise helps you to completely avoid your opponents Gate Cards that contain bad effect on your Bakugan.

Bakugan Predictable Opponent CardWhen it comes to your Blue Ability cards, G-Power boosts are very useful. Some good ideas may be using Home Advantage, Mega Impact, or even the risky Predictable Opponent which give a big 110 G-Power bonus. The risky side of using this is that you opponent must have a Bakugan in his Used pile that is the same attribute as the one he is using in the battle in order for Predictable Opponent to work.

Another good tactic is found in using Green Ability Cards. This is a good tactic because is basically prevents your opponent from winning the battle as long as they don’t win by a large margin. Because Sub-Terra is a high G-Power Bakugan, this result is very likely. Many players like to use Sub-Terra 2 as their Green Ability Card. This card allows you to get an extra of your Gate Cards out into the field. This tactic is almost always beneficial because you should have picked Gate Cards that will work well with your Bakugan, giving you a big advantage when fighting on your own Gate Cards. More than once, this card has meant the difference between victory and defeat for a Sub-Terra player.

Sub-Terra is best to use when you are new to Bakugan. It is fun to play and doesn’t require quite as much strategy as the other attributes.

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